Since 1958,

Cooking and Preserving

in the Heart of Provence

Culinary excellence

Since 1958, our goal has remained the same:

We aim at ensuring an outstanding taste and quality. Our commitment to selecting the finest raw materials, combined with the expertise of our chef and the technical skills of our production team, allows us to meet this challenge every day.

Across generations, tradition has passed on essential values to us, such as the pursuit of excellence, the consistency of quality, the quest for the finest ingredients, improvement through the knowledge of some and the experience of others. Marius Bernard still applies today these fundamental principles into its core areas of expertise: taste and gastronomy.

All our recipes are inspired by the richness and high standards of Provencal and Mediterranean traditions.

Perfect Canning

No additives, no preservatives

Our canning process enables us to maintain our products without the need for additives or preservatives, ensuring a healthy and high-quality result.

An infinitely recyclable container

Our primary choice is recyclable glass jars, offering consumers the opportunity for reuse or repurposing.

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MARiUS, l'épicerie inspirée

MARiUS is a fine grocery brand that transforms everyday meals into delightful moments of inspiration.

With over 200 products, each creation is crafted and influenced by quality, taste, the senses, seasons, local traditions, secret recipes, and the men and women who contribute to the journey.

Les pĂȘcheurs des calanques

It was in 1958, to celebrate local fishing and Mediterranean gastronomy, that the fishermen of the Provençal harbour of Saint-Chamas and Marius Bernard, a chef who had just opened his cannery there, gathered. Les pĂȘcheurs des calanques was born: its flagship product is fish soup, available in several varieties. More delicious recipes were gradually added to the products range, alongside with fresh fish soup, to complement the tasting experience

And private label FOOD PTODUCTION



Approval by veterinary services number F1309201 EC, HACCP principle since 1995, certified traceability upstream and downstream, ECOCERT and TRACE ONE member.



We control and analyze all our raw materials upon receipt according to specifications defined with the supplier.


Compliance with specifications

Marius Bernard Company cooks recipes according to precise specifications. We maintain close relationships with our customers to ensure a result that meets their expectations.

Product control

All manufactured products are held for 8 days before being shipped to customers to allow for necessary checks and ensure a safe product certification.


Organoleptic tests

Tasting panel before batch release to check the taste, texture, and appearance of the product.


Recipes control

Controls are carried out throughout the various processes of production to ensure maximum safety and consistently high quality.


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