Marius Bernard turns 65!

65 years ago, Marius Bernard’s first recipes were canned in what a few years later became known as the “sweet-smelling factory”.

This year, 2023, marks the 65th anniversary of our canning factory.

  • For 65 years, we have been guaranteeing and producing quality groceries accessible to the greatest number of people;
  • For 65 years we’ve been defending our know-how;
  • We’ve been contributing to the development and appeal of our region for 65 years.


A timeless story

This anniversary year is an opportunity to retrace the fine family history of our company. It’s a long story, since it all began in 1958. It was in the heart of Provence, in Saint-Chamas to be precise, a small fishing village clinging to its rock, that Marius Bernard, a pastry chef by trade, set up his canning factory. In the early days, he produced fruit in syrup, and later canned a range of products: tapenade, pied paquets, riste d’eggplants… recipes for which the company is still renowned today.

For over 20 years, it’s been Patrick BAILLET who took up the torch, and who, in the words of Marius Bernard himself, has “this faith” in quality products. Over the years, convinced of the advantages of canning and preserving, he took care to preserve his know-how. With the support of his daughter Margaux BAILLET, they set about expanding the cannery’s product range and creating the MARiUS brand to elevate it to the status of an inspired grocery store.

Sixty-five years later, our aim is still the same: to guarantee unrivalled taste and quality, by focusing on doing things right, ensuring consistent quality, seeking out the best products and improving through the knowledge and experience of others.

Today, Marius Bernard has two brands: MARiUS l’Ă©picerie inspirĂ©e and Les pĂŞcheurs des Calanques ; more than 200 products; and multi-channel distribution in supermarkets, delicatessen stores, online and in our Atelier in Saint-Chamas.

An unforgettable open day: celebrating our history and our future

The company has always been in the habit of opening its doors to give its neighbors an inside view of the “factory that smells good”. After a three-year hiatus due to the health crisis, the cannery reopened its doors to celebrate its 65th anniversary.

For the occasion, we called on Marie Doazan to create this superb illustration, a symbol of our 65th anniversary, which reflects the values of the Marius Bernard house, highlighting our beautiful sunny Provence and moments of sharing and conviviality around an inspired aperitif.

On Saturday June 3, we welcomed our visitors to the Conserverie and Atelier MARiUS for our Open Day. With no need for a reservation, they could come to the Conserverie from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm. Following their visit, we invited them to l’Atelier for a tasting of MARiUS products and the presentation of a limited-edition gourmet gift.


Open Day